about us

The demand of LED and solar products is increasing all over the world. The high-tech gizmos world and worldwide retail boom have significantly increased the demands for innovative display solutions. We are working on this and being prominently noticed amongst ingenious solar lantern manufacturers. Our LED solar lighting systems are hugely supplied all around. This has enabled us to be one of the most active LED solar lighting suppliers India. We offer a variety of LED and Solar products, best both in terms of quality and design excellence. Our products are made from the best raw materials and known for their functional value.

Solar Street Lighting System, Our solar products are also apropos for commercial usage. We have complete so many government and private turnkey key project in rural & urban areas . Last but not the least, we firmly believe that our growth is associated with the happiness of our clients thus always strive to cater them with best possible quality and most competitive rates.

The company was incorporated in the year 2000 with the primary objective of providing reliable solar power to India. We Shiv Green Solar System Pvt.Ltd provides complete solar solutions with our latest and most modern technology adapted features. We know that that our country is facing power crisis from long time , we know that solar energy is the best and reliable alternate solutions for energy . our team is committed to provide the power solutions to those areas where electric supply is major problem. We know that Indian government is working on broad level in this segment , solar energy, which can be made use of in two ways the Thermal route i.e. using heat for drying, heating cooking or generation of electricity or through the Photovoltaic route which converts light in solar energy into electricity & different applications in various areas of industry and households. The systems are being recognized for its quality & performance aspects across the user segment.

Ever since our inception, we were determined to spread awareness about renewable sources of energy and conservation of energy in the rural areas. Until people are aware of the future consequences in case of non conservation of energy, it will be quite difficult for them to understand the possible benefits of renewable sources of energy.

We identified solar energy as the most abundant source of energy and also the most convenient to harness, hence we entered the niche of producing and supplying solar energy equipments. Within a span We work in close association with Govt. agencies, financial institutions and clients from various sectors to develop best return on investment strategy for client. We have contract manufacturing facility and a team of dedicated professional to implement any solar PV installation.

Our main focus has been on its quality, meeting and exceeding customer's expressed or implied expectations by a "do it" attitude and by doing right, first time, on time and every time.Our Solar PV modules are designed to deliver the highest possible energy with a high-quality finish providing the highest energy yields. They are available from a power class of 18Wp and 120Wp mono and multi-crystalline Modules. We ensure that a Solar PV module generally functions reliably for over 20 years. Our uncompromising attitude to quality means we can give a reliable extended performance guarantee on our products depending on the place and usage.

Shiv Green Solar System Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in providing end to end Turnkey Project Solution to the clients. We can handle small and big Turnkey Project Management very competently, construction and maintenance of off-grid and on-grid Solar Systems of less than five years, our products have been renowned as one of the best that are available in the market.

Company Profile

Our Mentor Mr. Ramesh Bhartil established this company with the sole aim of spreading awareness about alternate sources of energy to the rural and backward areas of Uttar Pradesh, because our country is facing severe shortage of power and if renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind energy is not harnessed, the future consequences could be severe. Therefore we aim to successfully spread awareness of using solar energy to the masses and manufacture high quality solar energy equipments that can efficiently harness solar energy.

Why Us

We constantly strive to develop our image as a customer centric organization by producing quality solar energy equipments, which are easy to install and are maintenance free. The high quality of our products has become a benchmark in the field solar energy equipments.