Solar Street Light

Useful for roads, yards, colonies, parks, townships. Available in various designs.
Features :
• Automatic On/Off, Dusk to Dawn operation
• MNRE approved models
• Autonomy for no sunshine days
• Durable structure, Galvanized Steel Poles and corrosion resistant paint
• High Efficiency batteries
• Complete system, comprises of light, batteries, Charging device, modules and mounting structure

Technical Specifications :

l - ll
lll - lV

Lamp Type
PL 11 - PL 11x2
SOX-18 - SOX-26

Light Illumination
900 Lumens - 1800 Lumens
3500 Lumens

Dawn to Dusk

Charging Device
1x7512 or 2x4012 - 2x7012
2x5012 - 2x7012

1 x 12-75 AH - 1 x 12-150 AH

Pole & Structure
Made of MS, painted with corrosion resistant paint

Over Charge, Deep discharge, Reverse polarity

Automatic sensing of Dusk to turn ON and auto OFF at Dawn

Operating Temperature
0° C to 50°C Ambient

Inverter Efficiency
Made of MS, painted with corrosion resistant paint

Pole & Structure
80% - 90%